About Us

PadStyle® also known as PadStyle Home Interiors®, LLC is a Alabama based-online custom furnishings and decor marketplace specializing in African inspired artifacts, contemporary and modern home adornments. While most of our items are handmade, we occasionally go “scavenging” or what we call “ “PadStyle Flipping”” which mean we find items that need some TLC then fix, repair, or repurpose these items to bring more diverse pieces for your Pad.  With PadStyle, you will definitely get unique, distinctive pieces for your home with our original custom designs and unique findings.

Yes, WE CUSTOMIZE! From wood to fabric, we have the best skilled craftsmen and seamstress that can’t wait to bring your ideas to life. PadStyle’s goal is to create and open marketplace where anyone interested in having something custom made could seek out an independent affordable artisan to create it and/or find inspiring, fun, colorful, creative and definitely out of the ordinary Style’s for your Pad! If you have a creative yearning for unique furniture, lighting, tableware and decor for your home, then thats just what you will find at PadStyle because we have some of the worlds most gifted artisans right at your fingertips who handcraft exclusive products with you specifically in mind; Furthermore, what we can’t find-we build-and that means bringing your home PadStylish trends like no other.

PadStyle is all about allowing your home to be a reflection of yourself because, after all, your home is your spiritual domain; your solace away from the world. Your home most often reflects you consciously and unconsciously and here at PadStyle we believe your home should be a reflection of Self, Culture, and all things that inspire it. We assure you that our items will reflect you consciously and culturally .

 Afrika by Design is a subsidiary of PadStyle Home Interiors, LLC which is our infectiously titled furniture line, but we are also very modern with an Afro-contemporary funky-fresh Style. As a proud 100% minority owned and operated business, we believe that we should have Home Decor items that reflect us-by us! We hold integrity to the highest regard in our business transactions. Please feel confident that when you shop with PadStyle, you are purchasing from a high integrity organization that views every customer as extended family. We believe in exceeding the expectations of our extended family while striving to ensure that all our customers received the highest level of service satisfaction at all times.


                                                                                                                    ~The Owner ~

Nyanza Sankofa started PadStyle Home Interiors, LLC in 2014, but PadStyle really started long before that with one concept pillow. An Africa shaped pillow that she affectionately calls “MamaLand Pillow(s)”. Nyanza kept her idea dormant for 7 years until she released it to the social media world and her pillows went viral with thousands of shares. The idea sparked from and inspirational trip to Ghana, West Africa in 2007. Nyanza has always been inspired by home decor and design but after her first trip she became more in love with all things Afrika; which translated to decor, design, and style! She visioned that one day she would fuel her love of culture into something grand. The name PadStyle is inspired by her late uncle who always used 60’s slang, but most notably referred to his home as his Pad. The suffix style was added later for flava. She later teamed up with with other creative personalities whom she affectionally named the “PadStylist” who are an intricate part of the PadStyle brand.                                                                                          

        ~ The PadStylist ~
PadStyle’s PadStylist are a close nit team of family/artisans that includes the owner (Nyanza), a seamstress (Mama B), a carpenter/craftsman(Dexter), an interior designer/decorator (Kimeko), an artist (Deja), and a consultant (Dee). They all have a great eye for detail and truly make up the extraordinary team that makes PadStyle Home Interiors what it is today. PadStyle wouldn’t be what it is without our remarkable team.

       ~ The Name ~
Pad: (noun ) [U.S., Black] – terminology referring to a home, abode, or dwelling. This term was coined in the 60’s.
Style: (noun/verb) – Unique. A distinctive appearance. A particular way in which something is done, created, looks, or is performed. Pad+Style = PADSTYLE®

~Our Mission~

Putting customers first by creating products that reflect them culturally and make their pad-style! 

PadStyle is about Sankofa and giving back to the community is vital to our business.
A portion of your dollars spent with PadStyle is recycled back into our
communities to support in a variety of community focused organizations 
and initiatives. We appreciate your support!